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Help to get the electricity supply right

If you are responsible for the Electricity bills in your work, then this is worth a read. 

You might get caught up on calls from commercial energy brokers, who promise to be the best on the market and get you the best deal, this is often not the case.  Most costs are hidden by many commercial brokers and some of them even hide savings they make on your next renewal, which has been known to make them a lot of residual income, at your expense.

Another trick of the commercial energy broker can be to make the whole thing seem more complex than it is, talk to a few suppliers on your behalf, miss out on a large number of suppler and in the end they gain, financially plus they have less back end work to do later.  This will cost your business in the medium to long term.

You may not have dealt with brokers, one thing that we do have in common with commercial brokers is, we make money back from the supplier.  One thing that differs is, we are happy to share how much that income is and how we take between 5 to 10% of what a commercial broker would.

The energy supplier will often try another trick, where they contact you close to renewal and wait until brokers offer you a price, and if they just happen to be the best on the market, they will offer to match it.  This might remind us of when our (two/three well known) TV & Broadband suppliers know that they are 50% chance that they will have the best price, so they hope that most people accept the price hikes and that a percentage will leave, but not without a (sales call) fight.  Why on earth did they not offer you the ‘deal’ in the first place?

These big six energy suppliers are often fined for their dealings across the domestic energy market, often fined hundreds of thousands of pounds and it has even hit over £10 million on occasion.  The scrutiny on the domestic market has been quite rightly high, however, the business market seems to escape such high scrutiny and it leads to losses that are often not recovered.

LEAP Energy is a Social Enterprise that has been set up to help provide a free service to reduce your costs and the amount of work you have to do to get a price.   We guarantee that we will come back with a no obligation quote which is better than any commercial suppler or directly with your supplier while doing good with the revenues that we make.

LEAP Energy is motivated by saving you money and making commercial switching less hastle, plus getting you a better deal, we are not motivated by money, our business model means that we help more businesses and make smaller margins, while we are able to do more with the money we make to help families to tackle fuel poverty in Scotland.

If you want to join our growing list of businesses and charities who have saves on average £900 on their energy bills.

To save on your energy,

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